You must meet all the basic criteria for the hunts to be part of the sale event. Below is basic refresher with minor changes, where rules nessecary for the hunt are not needed for the sale event. Also below are sale event specific rules. We expect merchant will read these and meet these guidelines to qualify and participate. Ignorance of them does not excuse you from being held to the standards set forth below for your application and participation in this event!

— You must have a store. No malls, no clubs, no RP sim, etc. We appreciate that malls and clubs would like to get involved, and we hope you will put out a sign for us and possibly even an RFL of SL donation Kiosk - but as this is a sale event and we require original items made by our participants, to ensure those participants will have these required items we must be able to review products they are already selling. We will consider merchants who’s landing points prohibit inclusion in the regular hunts and with no in world store (please include a MP link so we can review your products). We understand that there are some merchants who have had to downsize to MP only sales who wish to take part. We will take these on a case by case basis and you will need to otherwise be qualified and have your application accepted.

— You must be a creator of original content in Second Life. No, we don't care if you buy sculpts, meshes, textures, or templates to work with while creating your products with. But you must be able to create a new, unique item that people can purchase. Please keep in mind unique means you are doing more than slapping the textures that came with a mesh on them or a purchased pack of textures for a specific mesh and putting them out for sale in the same way hundreds of others could potentially do! There is nothing unique about doing either of these things, tons of other people could have the same thing out for sale when you do that!

— You must make ONE NEW item for the RFL of SL vendors. You can make as many as you like - but you MUST make at least one. You ALSO MUST have a second item that does not have to be a new item in the RFL of SL vendors. (These vendors are 100% proceeds to RFL of SL).

— You must put the sign in your store. If you have more than one, please be sure you put it in the one you list on the application if you only put it in one. You are more than welcome to put it in more than one location, as that only helps spread the word further about the event.

— Your 2 RFL of SL items must be finished and out for sale by noon, May 30th, 2017 and displayed in the provided RFL of SL Vendors. Rezzing will be off on the sim after this time and no further items will be allowed to be placed at the event. Anyone who does not have these 2 RFL items in their booth by this time WILL be removed. We totally understand RL happens, trust us it happens for us too, we get that things happen, however, as a handful of people have taken advantage of knowing this. Unfortunately, for those that do have something come up we no longer can have the kind of flexibility we’ve shown in the past because it’s been abused to often! We’re not as blind as some think, when you tell us why you are behind and then a day later the story changes we’re clear what is going on!

— All items must remain within your booth (or in the designated areas). We will design event area to represent the theme and you are welcome to use some of your prims to decorate your booth as well. That said, to maintain the ability for shoppers to move around freely, all your prims must be within the provided space, not outside it.

— When accepted to the event, you MUST provide a full perm copy of your logo. We cannot give you a booth UNTIL you give us this logo. If it is NOT full perm, we cannot use it for your booth sign. NOTE: PLEASE when you get your welcome pack take a moment and send your logo! There is a great deal of other work that I’d rather be doing then the typical great deal of chasing people to get logos I’ve done in the past.

— You must remain within the allotted prim allowance for the event. Each merchant booth is allowed no more than 125 prims/LI. (We will check this via the land count which reads LI so while it says both if you link mesh items and they are lower LI then go with LI)

— Scripted vendors and networked vendors will not be allowed in the event booths other than those exceptions provided for in the FAQ page. We understand many of you are fond of the vendor systems you use. And we use them ourselves. However, with an event packing merchants into a single sim like this, the stress on a sim caused by the network calls is a major factor in lag.

— If you need to split proceeds with a co-creator for your items on the event sim please contact Rox Arten. We have a split proceeds script available to merchants who need it, if you prefer to use your own we will evaluate the split proceeds scripts you have for script time. These MUST NOT be networked, however, if they are within a reasonable script time we will allow you to use your own.

— Gachas will be provided, these are optional. If you wish to use a gacha for this event, it will need to be the provided ones only. Please do not replace them with other scripting or add additional scripts to them. These WILL count in your booth prim counts.

— Our no tolerance policy for infringement remains in effect for all of our events not just for hunts!

— You must follow the other rules of participation as they are published. We don't make up rules for fun - but sometimes, we discover logistical problems along the way and must work quickly to solve them. We'll need you to work quickly with us.


— A sign to put up at your main store to help spread the word about the event. Feel free to also put them up at any other locations you can!

— A booth, and use of 125 prims to put out your item(s), including the at least 2 RFL of SL items required. This space is yours for the duration of the event, without charge, we only ask that you follow the rules provided and do not go over prim limits.

— The RFL of SL Vendors, The RFL of SL Goytas, RFL of SL Kiosks (which you can place at your main store, other stores, or other locations you can rez them we will take care of placing them around the event area), and The Twisted Gotchas.

— An example booth, these will go out as soon as possible to merchants so you can prepare to set up early. That said, the RFL Vendors cannot fully be preset up prior to being placed in your final booth location. As we are only requiring two items this is one or two vendors (they can be used as multi vendors) that will need to be finished setting up in the final location.

— At least a week of time to complete your set up on sim!

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to Rox Arten in world either via instant message or notecard directly.

Webmaster Rox Arten