Applications NOW OPEN!
Twisted Hunt Spring 2017!

Dates: March 1, 2017 through March 31, 2017

Theme: Infinity

Color: Green

Twisted Spring 2017 are now open! We have 100 spots, with 10 open sponsor spots! Please read through the merchant information as indicated on the application, these links will open in a new tab or window so that you don't lose the application page. There are no specifically new rules this time however, we've clarified some old ones with minor additions, and added an infringement clarification page to help in understanding what we mean with our policy of no tolerance for any kind of Trademark, Copyright, or other IP Infringement. We will continue to add to that page as necessary, it's a very complex subject that we've tried hard to distill into something as clear as possible!

Please note that headquarters is temporarily closed while Rox remodels her sim and will be back up and posted again on the site soon!

Please be aware, the hunt group is rated as a mature content group. The hunt is not intended for children or child avatars. We have not banned them however those choosing to use such an avatar should be aware that there are in fact locations that are in this hunt that do not allow child avatars and that is up to each location to choose. We do not market this hunt in any way nor do we take merchants who market directly to child avatars. The content on the hunt and in many of our merchants stores may contain graphic and adult oriented content.

Twisted Organizers: Rox Arten, Lokii Violet, and Sredni Eel

Any issues, comments, or suggestions should be forwarded to us in Secondlife either via instant message or notecard directly or can be added to the mailbox at Headquarters.

Webmaster Rox Arten